Popcorn and Peanuts for Halloween

With all the sugar and chocolate that’s flying around at Halloween (and no, I don’t mean on a broomstick), you may as well have something around that’s salty that kids love. I’m talking about that classic snack food: popcorn and peanuts.

This is a great Halloween snack for a bunch of reasons:

It’s healthy! Peanuts are full of protein, and air-popped popcorn’s got lots of fiber and very little fat.

It’s fun! Most of us only get to eat popcorn when we go to the movies. It’s a special occasion food that always gets kids excited.

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, this is a super easy and healthy snack to prepare ahead of time and serve in large bowls.

If you need something to give out to kids who ring your doorbell, you can tie up little bundles of popcorn in parchment paper with string, or portion it into small bags.

Salty peanuts and popcorn are a delicious accompaniment to chocolate!

Adults will be happy to eat a non-sugary snack.

It’s an economical snack that’s filling and feeds a lot of people.

These days, you can find popping corn at many local farmers’ markets. If you can find it locally grown, skip the genetically modified stuff that comes in the microwave bag, and make some real, additive-free popcorn while you help to support a local farmer!

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