Defining your color style

So many good choices available it’s hard to narrow them down.

I thought I would do the one thing you should never do which is to

generalize, and put everyone into a box, and not only a box, but a TEN year box and

with the help of our fabulous senior colorist Shannon from Cutler Soho 465 W

Broadway, (212-674-2210).

20s- The time to experiment and explore! Let loose on the

playful fun colors as it’s a period where one has not yet defined their sense

of style. Be sure to avoid financial maintenance as costs may be an issue in

your 20s. Stick to chunky high lights for an edgier low maintenance effect or hidden

high lights where the regrowth and re touching of the roots is not as essential.

30s- Lots of young families in the mix, and starting to see

a few grays. Personal time seems to be your biggest issue. Not necessary to go

with a permanent single process color but a nice soft, blended beautiful set of

high lights that will grow out gracefully and whip you quickly from busy mom to


40s- We hope by now you have a true sense of who you are

stylistically and unfortunately its apparent that plucking your grays was

winning the battle but now you’re losing the war! So it’s time to embrace all

over permanent color. Hopefully, you have saved a few extra dollars to maintain

the upkeep of an allover color as it will require a few extra salon visits. The

biggest concern is that it needs to work with your skin tone and if you’re going a darker

shade that you don’t look washed out. So the right tone is essential! Also,

throwing in a few high lights will help create some dimension.

50s- Kids are on the way out of the house, it’s time to

reinvent yourself! You’re less concerned about what other people think and

you’re taped into your inner confidence, so embrace change. Add more high lights

that are lighter and brighter!! This will soften and brighten your overall

complexion; you may still have to cover of those grays.

60s and above- You have earned the right to color or not! If

you choose to color avoid going too dark but remember there is so much beauty in

embracing nature’s high lights!

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