Halloween candy calorie count and how to burn it off

Before you go through your kids’ Halloween treat bags on Monday and mindlessly scarf down a Butterfinger here, a Reese’s cup there, take a look the calories in some of our favorites and then check out what is takes to burn off just one of these goodies. And honestly, who stops at one? I barely stop at six, if we are being honest here. The take away from this list? Sweet Tarts are your best bet, skip the Take 5.

Calories per one “fun size:”

Snickers: 72

Reese’s Cup: 80


Twix: 80

Almond Joy: 91

Milky Way; 76

M&Ms: 90

Butterfinger: 100

Peanut M&Ms: 93

Kit Kat: 73

Peppermint Patty: 47

Milk Duds: 40

Sweet Tarts: 10

Three Musketeers: 63

Take 5: 105

To burn off just one of these treats (figuring an average calorie count of about 80 calories unless you are sticking with Sweet Tarts or Peppermint Patties):

-20 minute walk

-10 minute bike ride

– 8 minute jog

-8 minutes skipping rope

-20 minute dance party

-80 push ups

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