Winter Curls

Curly heads have the easiest time during the summer months with high humidity and moisture in the air helping to create texture and movement to the hair. As we know curly hair responds to moisture but all is not lost in the winter. It just takes a little more effort and knowledge to retain those soft bouncy curls.

First- don’t shampoo your hair the day you want to wear it curly, a little extra oil on the scalp will help define your curls.

Second- the preparation stage of styling, identify whether your curls need moisture or support. For example, thick unruly hair has curl but the hair is very dry. On damp hair apply a soft curling cream. On hair that is fine and limp, look for a curl defining spray gel or mouse that will add support.

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Third-the most effective ways to style, apply product on damp hair, create a 1’’ section and wrap hair around two fingers. Using your blow dryer with a diffuser attachment tilt your head and lightly direct air towards the scalp for root lift. Do not break up the curls with your fingers until your hair is 90% dry, in which case loosely separate for soft full curls.

For an evening curl, I am loving T3’s Single Pass Whirl, as you don’t have the second hot plate in the way. Simply start on dry hair, wrapping 2” sections of hair away from the face. Be sure you wrap the hair all the way down the wand close enough to the end of the wand with out burning your fingers.  Leave the hair on the iron for 3-4 seconds let the hair slip off the iron retaining the curl and allow time to cool for a long lasting effect. Finally, rake your fingers through to soften the curls and finish with a light hair spray.

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