5 Easy Placecard Ideas

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Place cards really make the holiday table. They are fun and festive, but also completely functional. Let’s face it, when we go to a dinner party, we have a tendency to stick to the folks we know, love and feel comfortable around. But sometimes as host or hostess, you want to arrange your guests so that they get maximum schmoozing, or maybe so that you can play matchmaker, or protect your shy, introverted friends from your chatty Uncle Louie. Place cards are your secret weapon! Here are bunch of ways that you can make them beautiful, fun and hassle-free. Also watch how it’s done on my eHow video.

Use Vintage Silverware

I love to use scrapbook paper to make place cards and stick them between the tines of vintage forks. One off vintage silverware is easy to find at any vintage shop and can make great

Cloves and Oranges Make a Great Combo

Monograms are a beautiful way to add sophistication to your tabletop. And oranges and cloves are a match made in heaven! Simply write the first letter of the guests name on the orange with a permanent marker, and then push cloves into the orange while following the letter.

Wine Cork Place cards

Wine Corks can make GREAT place card holders. Simply cut a groove lengthwise or on the end of the cork and slide a small fall leaf into the cork, write each guests name onto the leaf using a metallic permanent marker.

Apple Place Cards

Nothing says fall like a nice fall apple, the colors are perfect for any Thanksgiving table. Just cut out a leaf out of any decorative paper, write your guests name on the leaf and cut a slit in the top of the apple, and slide the leaf in the groove.

Butterfly Place Cards

These cute butterfly place cards not only show your guests where to sit, but they double as wine markers so you don’t lose your glass.

• To make the place cards simply fold a small square of paper in half and draw half a butterfly along the fold. Cut out the butterfly and cut a diagonal slit in the middle of the fold.

• Write your guests’ names on the paper and rest the butterfly on the edge of each glass using the slit.

• Don’t worry, for those of you who might be artistically challenged, to make this even easier we have provided a template with step-by-step instructions. You can download it here!

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