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A Mail Order Thanksgiving and How To Deep Fry a Turkey!

It’s something I might not have ever considered. A mail order Thanksgiving. Every year we make our Thanksgiving from scratch, the turkey, the pernil (a Puerto Rican style roast pork shoulder) fresh cranberry sauce and a Tofurky for me, seriously, they are pretty darn good!

But this year, I am mail ordering my Thanksgiving, and I will tell you why. Stephen and I switch off holidays, we spend Thanksgiving with one of our family and Christmas with the other. This year for Thanksgiving we are Michigan bound. Since we don’t get to spend much time with Stephen’s parents, we only see them about 2-3 times a year, this year’s Mail Order Thankgiving will give us more time to talk, play games and just be with one another. Plus we will be eating the BEST TURKEY I HAVE EVER HAD. No joke.

The Chew recently sent me to Dallas, Texas to meet Mr. Billy Howell, the owner and founder of the Cajun Turkey Co. [1] He launched his company based on the success of his home-made deep fried turkeys. In each turkey he injects over 4 cups of Geaux Juice [2](Mr. Billy’s own blend of cajun spices), and when it’s all done, the turkey honestly has THE BEST FLAVOR of any turkey I’ve ever tasted. Any.

From the Cajun Turkey Co [1] you can order just your Cajun style deep fried turkey, or you can order it with all the Cajun trimmings, Crawfish Cornbread topped with Crawfish Etouffee, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli Cheese Casserole, Corn Casserole, Turkey & Giblet Gravy, a bottle of Geaux Juice, and for dessert New Orleans style Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce, all for under $180, that is Thanksgiving dinner for 8 at $22.50 a person. And then you have all the time in the world to enjoy each other during the holiday with no food making stress.


I LOVE to cook, but Thanksgiving can be extremely stressful. One year I experienced a boat load of stress, and my guests experienced a turkey free holiday, when I realized 3 hours into roasting the turkey that the oven was never turned on 🙁

But, if mail ordering you Thanksgiving dinner is not your style, but the idea of frying your own turkey excites you, Mr. Billy gave me a few tricks of the trade.

How to Deep Fry A Turkey– The Cajun Turkey Co. [1] Way

Before anything, leave your turkey in it’s packaging and place it into your frying pot. Cover the turkey with water, and then remove the turkey from the pot. Mark the water line on the inside of the pot with a marker. This is how high you will fill the pot with oil when you’re ready to fry your turkey.

Injecting Your Turkey– You can get the entire flavor kit for your “fry your own turkey” here [2]

• Pour all Geaux Juice [3] into a mixing bowl [4] and microwave for one minute or until warm.

• Remove your defrosted turkey from its packaging. Clean out neck and giblets.

• Rinse and clean your turkey thoroughly.

• Place your turkey breast down in the sink.

• Filling your syringe full of Geaux Juice [3], you will randomly inject your turkey all over. When injecting the turkey, insert the needle deep into the meat, than as you press down the plunger, slowly pull out the needle. This will help spread the Geaux Juice evenly throughout your turkey. Whisk [5] Geaux Juice in the bowl [4] every few injections or it will separate.

• Turn turkey over and continue injecting until about 1/3 cup of Geaux Juice [3] remains in the bottom of your bowl [4].

• Pour remaining Geaux Juice [3] over your turkey to coat it.

• Completely dust your turkey with Mr. Billy’s Bayou Blend [3], top and bottom.

• Place the turkey in refrigerator, uncovered, and allow it to marinade overnight.

Frying Your Turkey

• Do NOT fry your turkey indoors! Find a well-ventilated area to set up your cook station. If possible, cover area with a non-flammable tarp before frying.

• Pour peanut oil to the mark made previously on your frying pot.

• Pre-heat the oil to 350 degrees.

• Remove turkey from the refrigerator and place in metal basket or turkey holder.

• When the peanut oil reaches 350 degrees, VERY CAREFULLY lower turkey in the oil. We recommend that you wear heavy, non-flammable gloves – because when the cold turkey the hot oil, the oil will erupt. DO NOT drop turkey into pot or only more oil will splash!

• Cook turkey for approximately 3 minutes per pound. Every few minutes turn the basket to ensure the turkey is loose in the pot.

• A 15 lb raw turkey should be ready in 45 minutes. The Cajun way of knowing it’s done is when it floats like a cork!

• When it’s finished cooking, carefully remove turkey from the pot.

• Enjoy!

Here is a slideshow of my day at The Cajun Turkey Co. : [6]


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