Cauliflower for the Cauliflower Hater

This cauliflower recipe was so easy and tasty that I had to share it.  My family and I were to share Thanksgiving this year with my boyfriend’s family for the first time.  We’re all Italian, which meant there would be 75 people, one turkey and stuffing off to the side and about 40 trays of Italian food.  In order to fit in and impress, I knew I had better bring my best and most classic Italian specialties.  I chose to make Caponata and Arancini and I enlisted my poor mother to make her Breaded Cauliflower Florets, a favorite of my childhood.  They were a hit, even with those who don’t like cauliflower normally.  Really the cauliflower becomes just an excuse to eat the delicious breading.  Here’s what she did:

Took one head of cauliflower and cut it into large florets.  Rinsed it clean and let it dry in a colander.  Meanwhile, she beat a few eggs with a little cream in a bowl and in a second bowl she mixed bread crumbs with grated Pecorino Romano cheese, salt and pepper and parsley.  She then heated a combination of EVOO for flavor, and canola oil, to slow down the heating process, in a frying pan until it reached medium-high heat.  Not so high that it would burn but not too low either, otherwise it would sit too long in the oil and get soggy.

She dipped each piece of cauliflower in the egg wash and then the breadcrumbs and then fried them each to perfection.  She let them cool on a wire rack over paper towel, so they remained crispy.  She sprinkled them in the end with parsley and served.  Delish!

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