Five Minute styling Solutions

It’s quite powerful what you can accomplish in 5 minutes with a few bobby pins, a can of hair spray and a tail comb.Taking you from a regular hair cut to a simple chic style all in the span of 300 seconds.

2 Bobby Pins with a Heavy Side Part: Create desired side part, remember the deeper the part the more dramatic the feel. When placing the bobby pins, be sure they are level with the corner of your eye. This will emphasize the silhouette and add an understated finished style.

Braided Head Band: Grab a large section of hair over the ear and braid to the end. Flip the braid across the hairline to the other side and secure with a pin behind the ear. Braids are most definitely the new hair accessory. Small, large or disheveled all types seem to be appropriate.

Back brush at the crown: Using a narrow brush with short bristles take small sections of hair starting a little ways below the crown moving upward as you go. Lift your small section 90 degrees and place the brush at the back of the section. Take the brush from mid length down to scalp and with a flicking motion tease down and out. Continue all the way up until the entire crown area has been back combed, smooth the top lightly to hide your backcombing. Add a head band for a 60s flair and go!

Puffy Pony Tail: There is no shame in aponytail. It is one of the simplest most elegant styles. Start bysecuring a pony tail, (it is important to remember wherever your ponytail sits on the head, center or higher will add a touch of fierceness and a lower sitting pony will give off a softer more casual feel). Begin to back comb towards the roots in the middle of the ponytail. When your pony tail is full lightly brush the top layer smoothing your puffy tail. Finish with a light hair spray.

Side bun: Pull all hair over to desired side in a low sitting pony tail, it can be as loose or as clean as you would like. Spray with a light finishing spray and begin back combing your side pony lightly so you can see the messiness of the teasing. Make sure you are back coming in all directions so the hair flairs upward and outward. Take a few bobby pins and place randomly into a messy bun shape. It’s a little bit of a retro feel but is certainly appropriate for most events.

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