An Easy Wine Tasting Party

Instead of just having some friends over for drinks, make it interesting with a wine tasting. Get everyone involved in the prep work and you can throw a great party with almost no effort.

Have each of your guests bring a bottle of wine of their choosing. With so many different wines to choose from, you can be almost certain everyone will show up with something different. You can even set a price limit if you want to make your tasting more scientific.

Give each guest a number and have them write that number on a paper bag. Place the bottles in the bags and tie them with some string. This way, no one will know which wine is which until the end.

Make a sheet with the number of each wine so you can record your opinions and thoughts on each. You and your guests can either informally hand write the sheet, or you can download our template here and print as many copies as you like.

If you want to serve the wine in separate glasses, or label each glass so you don’t mix yours up with someone else’s, make a tag for the foot of your glass. Simply trace the foot of your wine glass onto a piece of card stock or poster board and cut out the circle. Then, trace a smaller circle in the center (I used the end of a marker to make the smaller circle), cut a slit, and cut out the small circle. Hang the tag from the stem of the glass, so it rests on the foot.

Serve some cheese and crackers, crudités or other little snacks to keep your palettes cleansed between wines and enjoy!

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