Create a Fall Nut Wreath!

Materials Needed:

• Grape vine wreath

• Assorted nuts in their shells like walnuts and acorns

• Artificial leaves

• Glue gun

How to:

1. With a glue gun, glue the bottom leaves to the backside of the wreath so the tops of the leaves can be seen from the front of the wreath. Glue them all the way around the perimeter.

2. Glue the walnuts to the front of the wreath using a generous amount of glue. Hold the walnut in place until the glue sets.

3. Glue the acorns on both sides of the walnuts. To add variety, have the tops of the acorns facing different directions. You can also fill in any gaps in between the walnuts with the acorns. Again, use a generous amount of glue and hold the acorns in place until the glue sets.

For the full tutorial vidoe, check it out here!

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