10 Handmade Gift Ideas for Kitchen Lovers

When I was younger, had less in the bank and more free time, I used to make my own handmade Christmas gifts. I would start at the end of September, and personalize everything. I figured I couldn’t afford to buy nice gifts for people, so I might as well make them something. It was very time consuming, but very satisfying knowing I could turn inexpensive materials into something really special.

Times have changed, and although I still try to make a few gifts here and there, I never seem to be able to pull it off like I used to. Instead, I turn to other artists and craftspeople to find really beautiful handmade gifts. Knowing I’m supporting local artists makes me feel good, and who doesn’t like to get something hand crafted?

1. Cutting boards are a great gift. They’re perfect to bring to your favorite hosts at their holiday party, or a nice addition for someone moving into their first dwelling. I especially love this 15″ cutting board by Spencer Peterman for $89.00. It’s so beautiful and should last forever. If cutting boards aren’t your thing, check out for more Spencer Peterman creations and other handmade treasures made by American artisans.

2. For a less expensive handmade gift, the classic tin cup for $24.99 from Jacob Bromwell is really nice, The receiver will feel just like a pioneer. This cup is great for outdoorsmen or anyone who appreciates rustic style.

3. I love recycled crafts. The idea of turning something that was once trash into something new is really appealing to me. That’s why I love these Lobster Rope Doormats for $40

These mats aren’t only beautiful, but they’re eco-friendly as well:

“Float-ropes are used by lobstermen to tether their lobster traps. Unfortunately, float-rope entangles Northern Right Whales (an endangered species) which swim in the same waters. In order to protect these whales, lobstermen are now required to turn in their old float-ropes and switch to sink-ropes instead. 300,000 pounds of float-rope was destined to go to landfills and burning facilities in Massachusetts before it was re-purposed for projects such as this.”

4. If the rustic look isn’t your thing, these beautiful handcrafted glass salt and pepper shakers for $71.00 are a great gift. No two are exactly the same, and they make an ordinary object seem like a piece of art.

These are just gorgeous. I LOVE this hand carved sugar bowls from Mozambique. Approx. 3.25″ tall. Sold as a set of 2. They have even larger vessels too, they are all BEAUTIFUL. They are from a terrific organization called Aid To Artisans. They create opportunities for low-income artisans around the world to build profitable businesses inspired by handmade traditions.

6. There’s nothing better than having something handmade to make your homemade treats. For the baker in your life, these quality wooden spoons from Allegheny Treeware for $28.00 are really nice . Allegheny Treeware makes all kinds of beautiful, functional wooden objects, but I just loved these measuring spoons. For more wooden creations, check out their website

7.Root 52 based in Liberty, NY also has a wide selection of handmade, wooden objects, but their work is more on the rustic side. I just love this black wood bowl for $37.00. It really shows the natural beauty of the wood, and the price isn’t bad either.

8. Abacus Gallery is a great source for handmade gifts. They just have an eye for interesting products like this lobster clock for $165.00. Visit their website,, for more jewelry, pottery, furniture, art prints and home wares.

9. Floradoodle Rolling Pin $18. I LOVE this rolling pin. It’s perfect for any baker in your life!

10. Of course, the most comprehensive website for all things handmade is I could spend hours browsing through the thousands of objects on this site. They have everything you could ever possibly think of made from just about any material.

I wanted to pick out something special to share with you from one of the artists on Etsy, and it took me a really long time to pick something because I loved just about everything! Because of my dilemma, I picked five things. I don’t want to say these are my top five because I didn’t even scratch the surface of what this site has to offer, but they were the first five I saw that I wanted to share:

Casserole Dish Lights, $90.00:

Vinyl Wall Decal, $45.00:

Crocheted Cotton Cast Iron Pan Handle Cover, $3.00:

Cardinal Porcelain Canisters , $45.00:

Modern Succulent Planter, $28.00:

For more handmade products, check out the other artists and crafts on They really have something for everybody. Plus, 20% of the sale goes to a partnering non-profit of your choice.

Don’t forget to visit the local shops and craft fairs in your area for more handmade goods. A lot of artists aren’t that tech savvy, so they may not have an online presence. Plus, you’ll find something you won’t find anywhere else.

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