P.S. I Made This…Faux Pottery

Want a great gift idea that you can make yourself in a snap?  Get inspired by high-end porcelain pottery and create your own.  It’s the perfect way to re-purpose empty cans, bottles, containers without dropping a small fortune on pretty porcelain.  To create, paint your desired pattern onto the can or bottle with puff paint.

You can create shapes or stick with a simple line-and-dot pattern.  Once the puff paint has dried, use white matte spray paint (spray outdoors or in a ventilated area) over the entire can or bottle and let it dry.

Repeat this step for a second coat if necessary. The can or bottle should have a smooth coating.  Once designs are dried completely on you’ll be ready to fill your new “vases” with flowers or simply display them around the house as accent pieces.

Erica’s “project” was featured in the Design * Sponge Book

by Grace Bonney

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