New Years Party Masks to spice up your Shin Dig!

Some ideas are made to be stolen. And this one is just one of those ideas. My friend Corinna Mantlo of Happy Homesteader and my pals Tony and Tiffany both used these for their Vintage Library Themed Wedding.

A while back, I went to an art opening in the East Village and Corinna made these awesome paper board mustaches. Her’s were so cool because you didn’t need a stick to hold them up. They just attached to your nose like this:

Nice ‘Stache!!

These masks require a skewer but I guarantee that they are TONS of fun! I made mine out of mat board and bamboo skewers, but you could use card stock and drinking straws for a simpler model.

The symmetrical masks are super easy, just fold the paper in half, draw half of the design onto the paper, cut it out and unfold it! If you’re using card stock for your masks this is all you need to do to make your mask. But, because I used mat board, I needed to use this technique to make a template.

When I unfolded my horned-rimmed glasses template, the nose opening was a little big, so I folded the paper a little and secured it with a little clear tape. Then, I traced the glasses shape onto the mat board.

Using a utility knife, I cut out the glasses.

Then, I made a mustache and goatee…

and a monocle…

some eyebrows…

a bow tie…

another pair of glasses…

and a classic mustache.

To make my monocle truly aristocratic, I glued some tiny glass beads. They have a great texture and sparkle.

I painted the other masks.

and added other little details like glitter.

Once everything is dry, you can turn your creations into masks by adding a stick. You can use a dowel, a straw, or a bamboo skewer. If you use a skewer, make sure the pointy end ends up on the back of the mask instead of in the palm of the wearer’s hand.

Coat the stick in glue—I just dipped mine into the jar.

Secure with a little artists’ tape or masking tape. Let dry completely before using.

These are guaranteed to spice up your New Year’s party and make your holiday photos a hoot! Trust me!!!

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