The Quest for the Perfect Layers

Layering your hair can certainly make your life easier when achieving volume and movement, assuming you haven’t fallen into the trap, “the more the merrier” and have been reduced to a mullet. Remember, adding more layers means there is less hair is on your head.

Successful layering requires you to keep the correct proportions between layer and length. Longer layered haircuts should not be more than 2 to 3’’ shorter than the exterior length excluding face framing, where you have the option to go shorter or include bangs. This will add volume and bounce while retaining the overall balance.

Short hair enables you to have more flexibility in the variety of layers. Whether, layering the hair to the shape of the head (for example fabulous Liza Minnelli) or creating more texture on the ends (as seen on Scarlett Johansson) and in the case of Michelle Williams where the hair is over directed and longer hair towards the front. Be aware that the haircut should retain its shape regardless of your styling capabilities and that is a true indication of the perfect layer.

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