Organize! Create an Instant Broom Closet

My tiny New York City studio apartment only has one closet in the whole place, and that closet is packed with clothes, bedding and every other little item that needs to be tucked away, so there’s no room for brooms, mops and other cleaning supplies. However, there is an awkward little space in a corner next to the refrigerator, and I thought it would be the perfect spot for a make-shift closet.

Normally the space between the fridge and the wall is just under nine inches, but the smallest tension rod I could find was 18″, so I moved the refrigerator over some to accommodate. It actually worked in my favor because it made the “closet” a little bigger.

I bought the curtain panel at a discount department store, so it was really inexpensive. When using a grommet panel like this one, feed the grommets onto the rod so the curtain will hang with nice folds in the fabric.

Then, just wrench the rod into its spot so it’s nice and snug.

If your curtain is too long simply cut it with pinking sheers, or cut off the excess and sew a nice hem.

Now, that awkward little corner is a classy little closet. You could even put some free standing shelves or crates inside to maximize the space.

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