Favorite and not so favorite looks of 2011!

Evan Rachel Wood

Love the daring transformation and that her styling is off her face with some texture, a little different from the traditional pixie.

Olivia Wilde

The bangs certainly give her more drama and structure to the overall look. I love the square bangs and how they disconnect from the front layers really bringing out Olivia’s cheek bones and eyes.

Blake Lively

The secret to changing your color is not only identifying what’s fashionable and that you like it but more importantly that it suits your skin tone. This transformation is stunning and her skin is glowing! What I also love is that the color is not too saturated so it has a natural authentic feel to it.

Selena Gomez

It’s not always about how much hair you cut off, but where you cut it that’s important and in this instance less is more! Removing those few inches off the bottom really give her a more sophisticated grown up look while retaining her fashionable style.

Elizabeth Olsen

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! Smoothing out the hair with a few touches of layering to create slight movement certainly gives off a sophisticated and modern finish.

Leighton Meester

As the love for hombre color has taken on mass appeal the trend setters will start to move away. Leighton moves to that rich rock ‘n roll incorporating bangs certainly reinvents her overall vibe.

Drew Barrymore

What were you thinking!? She could have taken some inspiration from Leighton because it’s certainly time to give up the hombre color. With her new length as blunt as it is and where the color is sitting it accentuates the roundness of her face. My suggestion would be to either layer the cut or darken the color and placement.

Chloe Sevigny

As quirky as this may look I actually like it and it has a real vintage feel.  The bangs and the softness balance out her small chin by having the hair kick out at the back.

Katy Perry

Pink is the new black, I love it! Of course the first attempt is a little much but the dusty toned down version is right on the money!

Ben Affleck

On the men’s front not a lot of action this year but facial hair was definitely the talked about trend embracing the wild side of grooming.

Last but not least, how could you not mention guess who, Justin Bieber

What can I say?

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