Clear the jewelry clutter with this clever organizer

I love big jewelry – particularly necklaces – and I have accumulated so many necklaces over the years that they started to take over the very valuable and limited real estate of the top of my dresser. I have these cute necklace hangers/trees that were meant to be decorative yet eventually mine were overflowing with necklaces, to the point I couldn’t even see what I had. I resorted to keeping the necklaces (and bracelets and earrings) in little zippered bags on my dresser as well so then I really had no idea what I had. I ended up skipping wearing jewelry altogether.

I knew there had to be some kind of jewelry organizer out there similar to an over-the door shoe organizer and I was right. A few weeks ago I found these jewelery organizers for under $20 on They hang in your closet or on the back of a door and you can neatly see eveything you have. Now accessorizing is a snap. I got one for my earrings and rings (above), and one for necklaces (below). Plus, they are two-sided so they hold a ton of jewelry. And now I have reclaimed my dresser! A win win.

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