A Couple Quick Stops in L.A.

Half the fun of discovering a new restaurant is sharing it with people you know will enjoy it. As Rachael Ray’s resident restaurant guru, here’s an inside look at what I report back to Rach about some of my favorite restaurant finds and food experiences!

From: Kappy

To: RR

Sent: Thursday, January 5, 2012 9:37pm

Subject: A Couple Quick Stops in L.A.

Hey RR- I know you like your Sushi Wa when you’re in L.A., but I’ve got a couple places I popped into, and more to come tomorrow. Katy and I were heading to see family in Santa Barbara, but flew into L.A. From the airport, we drove to one of our favorite lunch spots, Jack n’ Jill’s. It’s that basic, casual L.A.-style lunch spot where you order at the counter, sit down and they bring you the food. I love that. Everything is simple and fresh. We love their PB&J Cupcake, but unfortunately, they didn’t have it. So, we opted for a cookie and ate it before our food came… dessert first! If you like this kind of place, you should check out some of our other favorites, like Joan’s on Third and Urth Caffe.

We headed out to Santa Barbara after that, but had to come back to L.A. the next day to pick up a couple friends at the airport. We wound up eating at Waterloo & City, a great newish place in Culver City. Really, there is a lot of good stuff popping up in Culver City these days! We had a delicious charcuterie platter with some homemade sausages and terrines, plus these fantastic shrimp and zucchini fritters. I ordered gnocchi with a braised beef ragu that was pretty excellent, too. Check this place out. It’s getting pretty popular and will only get busier.

Jack n’ Jill’s

510 Santa Monica Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA 90401


Waterloo & City

12517 Washington Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90066


And that’s what’s on my plate!

– Kappy

Andrew “Kappy” Kaplan loves food. A professionally trained chef, by day he runs Yum-o!, Rachael Ray’s charity focused on kids and cooking, and keeps special projects running smoothly for her. By night he hops course to course, place to place, all across the country. He’s Rach’s own personal dining guide! You can also follow Kappy on Twitter to see what’s On Kappy’s Plate in real-time!

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