Stubborn Grays

While we’d like to pretend they don’t exist or they’re not obvious to the outside world. There is a time and a place to cover, camouflage or celebrate those stubborn grays and John-Paul Sherley-Price, senior colorist at Cutler South Beach has some solutions to combat those stubborn grays!




Scattered white

odd white hair ,scattered throughout the head( usually on the parting or hairline where you can see them, annoyingly)

DO NOT PULL THEM OUT THEY WILL COME BACK! Think of blending them in with a few bleach or high-lift tint highlights keep them irregular and re-do every couple of months, so they don’t build up and become a full on commitment

Full coverage may not be a good idea as it leads to commitment try a demi-permanent every 4 to 6 weeks to blend with the natural hair, minimal commitment, but camouflages the white, fades nicely with no aggressive re-growth

25% white

starting to look gray now (especially in all the places you can see, hairline and parting just to intensify the pain)

If going lighter, high lights or balayage are a good idea they will not cover white but will blend ,a word of caution though, the brightness of the white hair can make the highlights look yellow so always go for a clean fresh looking blonde that will need doing every 6-8 weeks to keep looking fresh

Commitment is your decision here! Permanent or demi color, think lifestyle, commitment and re-growth. if your color choice is close to natural, keep with a demi-permanent every 4 weeks , otherwise be brave go for something you’ve always wanted there’s a big world of color out there that you can evolve every 6 weeks using permanent and the new ranges of ammonia free color

50% white

Salt and pepper look, will look mostly grey with patches of very dark and very light (no moving the parting anymore ,time to fight back) re-touching every 4-6 weeks will become a part of your regular beauty regime enjoy that time it’s about you

Here lighter or darker is the question? Neither is wrong! You can add highlights or pieces to darker areas or low lights to lighter areas, balance or detract, blend or emphasize be bold with lighter colors in varied tones for a multi tonal effect, a word to the wise though, when putting darker colors on white hair finer is better you don’t want the attacked with a marker pen look

Time for permanent! coverage is key, here is where most demi’s start to wain in there abilities, how ever , different manufacturers vary, skin tone will effect color choice, with white comes a softening of the skin coloring, but don’t be put off your favorite colors , putting a favorable color against the skin then using something more fun throughout is the way forward

75% white

Predominantly white with patches of dark, mainly in the back at the nape( its distinguished)from now on your commitment is total every 3-6 weeks for single process and 6-12 for your highlights

Don’t look at it as a bad thing ,white hair is hair with no color in it ,it’s a blank canvas ,its play time, the world is your oyster apart from some product limitation for coverage do what makes you feel good

Color is about attitude

It should reflect personality as much as age or opinion

Let it deliver your personal taste as or before you enter a room or sashes down the street ,now more than ever do what you want

100% white

all white

In my opinion highlights this can lead to a whole world of pain, it can look overly false and synthetic and look like a box of sharpies have been used, choose your hairdresser wisely if you choose this route , recommendation is best ,stop people on the street if you need to, trust me they will be flattered and it’s the fasted way to a good hairdresser

Personally don’t color it, KEEP IT REAL, the terms elegant statement, regal ,honest, strong come to mind , if you must color it keep it light and soft for an easy re-growth unless you simply must spend hundreds of dollars every month on re-growth applications, in which case you’re welcome at CUTLER SOBE anytime

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