Braids, Buns and Bangs!

Braids, variations of buns and bangs were the creative thread for fashion week. Here’s a step by step on our Tadashi show where we rolled the hair upwards rather than under, the perfect red carpet look and/or an evening of glamor. For Michael Kors we creatively layered braids on top of braids (looking more complicated than it actually was) which worked in unison with their safari collection adding a touch of raw beauty.


Prep the hair with Redken Rootful, create a low side part and blow dry smooth using flat brush.

Secure the hair into a pony tail create a soft bend with medium sized curling iron on the pony tail.

Roll the hair tightly in an upward motion and secure with hair pins.

Opposite the side part, lightly back comb the hair with a brush at the roots creating a disheveled look.

Finish, with Redken Fashion Works hair spray.


Rough dry the hair with Redken Rootful, create a center part and finish drying, straight or wavy is sufficient.

Starting at the nape of the hair separate the hair into three parts.

Create three individual fish tail braids. A fish tail braid is created by splitting the hair into two sections and taking one small section from outside and overlap it to opposite side. Secure at the bottom and repeat on the other two braids.

Once the braids are secured add Redken Powder Grip into each braid (this will help create a rough secured texture) and lightly loosen the braids with your fingers.

Taking the three fishtail braids create a traditional (three strand) braid and secure at the bottom.

Layer more Redken Powder Grip (if necessary). Finish the look by lightly loosening the braid and roll the ends into itself and pin.

Finish, with Redken Fashion Works hair spray.

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