The chicken and the egg

As I was strolling through the farmer’s market the other day, I was admiring the araucana eggs, all light blue and fresh looking, but they cost a fortune!  I bought them anyway to remind myself that they do in fact taste different, not only because of the breed, but also because they are organic and straight from the farm.

I decided to have hard boiled eggs the next day for breakfast so I could eat really the egg and nothing else.  Someone with more courage may have even eaten them raw but I am no Rocky.  The egg yolks were such a beautifully vibrant and yellow color, and they literally tasted like the earth and grass that those chickens must snack on while roaming free.

It got me thinking-I have these two guinea pigs as pets who, while cute and affectionate, are pretty useless.  I actually feel bad for them because they are caged almost all the time.  The cage is no normal cage, it is a 3’x5′ pen really, one that I have to bring myself to clean every week.  I thought, if I can take care of guinea pigs, why can’t I get my own young chickens and care for them, and this way, we also get eggs out of the deal and I don’t have to spend a fortune at the farmer’s market.  Not only that, I will know exactly what those birds are eating and be able to literally take a freshly laid, still-warm egg and call it breakfast.  Ah sigh, what a thought!

So I looked around and found these chicken coops you can order online-simple to install and not too expensive (the wooden ones I found were over $1K). They are from a British company called-are you ready-Omlet (ha ha).  Apparently in Europe it isn’t so crazy to have chickens as pets.Their website makes it all seem so easy.  I mean just look at this happy mother with her children and her chickens!  How natural and carefree!  Plus, if you order the coop from this site, you can also order the chickens to come with them and they will be delivered to you!

So far my town is ignoring me since I called and emailed them to make sure we are allowed to keep livestock as pets.  Apparently this is not acceptable everywhere and someone told me my town won’t allow it, so being the good citizen, I am actually asking permission and waiting patiently…..

Does anyone else keep chickens?  If so, any advice?  Are they easy to care for?  Is it worth it?

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