The New Age of Hair Color

Cutler color specialist Chiala Marvici keeping us abreast with what’s new and innovative in coloring. When it comes to the world of hair coloring technology has not evolved at the same rate as other industries, for example music, cassettes to CD’s to the iPod. So, it’s an understatement to say it’s exciting and long overdue to see some fresh innovation in the hair coloring category and welcome the new age of hair color.

For decades we have relied on ammonia-based hair color which can take its toll on the hair. Now the shift is towards ammonia-free permanent hair color that utilizes oil in the formulation as a delivery system with the infusion of protein in the dyes. How this translates to you is richer and longer-lasting color that is more vibrant and is less likely to fade. Another incredible benefit is that the hair is fortified by the color process without any reduction of moisture. From a salon experience these dyes are odorless and reduce scalp irritation which is delightful for everyone. First to the dance has been L’Oreal and Redken but I’m sure there will be many more to follow as this technology is here to stay! Keep an eye out for the new age of hair color.

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