Vintage Postcard Light Switch Covers!!!!

I was recently at a flea market in New York City. One of the vendors had a box of postcards labeled “FREE.” I couldn’t resist and picked out a few. As luck would have it, a couple postcards had a vertical layout, and I thought they would be really nice light switch covers.

I decided to make two versions: one with a plastic switch cover which cost me 49¢ and one with a wooden switch cover which cost $4.99. Both are inexpensive, but in comparison, the 49¢ version seemed like a steal.

To make the plastic version, trace the light switch cover using a pencil and a piece of tracing paper.

Flip the tracing paper over so the tracing is facing the front of the postcard. Figure out where you want to make your cuts, tape the tracing paper to the postcard and retrace the outline of the light switch cover.

The tracing paper and the original drawing will act like carbon paper.

Cut the postcard to fit your light switch cover.

If you want to use an adhesive on the back of the postcard to secure it to the cover you’re more than welcome to. I just let the screws hold it in place because the postcard paper is stiff enough to keep it in place.

Screw the light switch cover into place. This is such a simple (and cheap) update, I may have to do it all over the house.

Since the wooden light switch cover has a bevel I thought it would be best to attach the postcard to the flat part and leave the bevel exposed. Place the tracing paper on top of the cover and run a finger around the edge of the flat surface to make an imprint.

Trace the screw holes and opening for the switch. Then use a straight edge to draw the imprinted area (the outline of the flat part of the cover).

Using the same “carbon paper” technique as the plastic cover, retrace the outline onto the postcard and cut to fit the light switch cover.

Since the edges of the light switch cover will be exposed, you can paint them. I decided to add a little varnish to keep the wood look, but keep the wood clean.

Once the varnish or paint is dry, paint an adhesive on the light switch cover. I used acrylic gel medium because it’s great for decoupage. However, most glues that are appropriate for paper should work fine. I like to use a brush to keep the adhesive even, and to make sure the glue goes all the way to the edge without oozing.

Glue the postcard to the light switch cover.

Attach the light switch cover. This version should stand up to use better than the plastic cover version, so I would recommend springing for the more expensive cover in places where the switch is used frequently.

Whatever version you decide to make, these light switch covers are an inexpensive way to add a cute detail to any room.

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