Green Juice mania

Has anyone else been following this juice craze?  For years I have been making smoothies in my normal, cheap blender, using something like skim milk, berries and bananas.  Sound familiar? These were always my go-to way to get my kids to drink their fruits, but boy has that drink evolved into something completely different.

It seems everywhere I turn, a juice bar has popped up and everyone is walking around drinking green juices.  I always thought these wheat grass concoctions were reserved for the ultra health-conscience vegan extremists, but then one day, I decided to try one.

This one mixed lemon, parsley, ginger, apple and kale.  It is so delicious and surprisingly refreshing and I actually do feel like I get a little boost from it.  It is so much better than drinking a heavy smoothie and it’s a perfect afternoon pick me up.  I’m a total convert!

But I didn’t get why until I started reading Seamus Mullen’s new book Hero Food, which he wrote based on his love of Spanish cuisine and his struggle with rheumatoid arthritis.  In the book, he talks about making a “Parsley Juice” which is pretty similar to the one I described above.  He says the folates in parsley are anti-inflammatory and make him feel better within hours.

I don’t think he’s wrong.  Just like with the parsley, other ingredients, like cilantro, dandelion greens, kale and spices like tumeric and cayenne have similar and powerful effects on the body.  Wheat Grass, for instance, which I never imagined I would try, is amazing.  It is also a super food and when downed like a shot, right after it’s been ground, it has an uplifting effect, almost better than caffeine (which I recently gave up).  I now walk over to my farmer’s market on Wed for a shot during the day as a little boost.

I often wondered why anyone would want to drink veggies.  Why not eat a salad?  But I recently learned that when the food is raw and pureed, it gets digested easier, taxing your system less, but also getting absorbed easier into your body so the effects of the ingredients are greater.

This has me thinking-since my son is so ultra picky, but he likes juice, maybe I will invest in a juicer and make him fresh apple juice in the am, which has to be better than bottled, but also, maybe I can sneak in a green leaf?  I may be hoping for too much.  Stay tuned!

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