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I don’t usually write about fashion in this blog but I must say, the world of aprons has finally evolved.  What used to be limited to the same old, unshapely butcher’s apron with maybe a logo or a funny saying like “kiss the cook,” has grown into something more, well, fitting.  Take a look at Jesse Steele’s products like the apron above or these decorative rubber gloves, for under $10 no less!

Jesse Steele also has a line of professional aprons for chefs but also coated ones for stylists and hair colorists.

I love the retro look and the fact that you can wear these while cleaning and cooking and look good!  I am one to wear an apron all the while I am cooking, which usually continues while my guests are here. I am always still at the stove, chopping or whipping while talking with friends, and I would prefer that it didn’t get on my outfit that is hiding underneath, to be unveiled at dinner time.  I love the idea of doing it in style.

Another site I found that I like is called Flirty Aprons, that also has some cute retro style aprons like this one here:

The Rosie Ann Shop, which I found on, has aprons with such full coverage that you could almost wear it with nothing underneath! I love these because they allow for a woman with a full bust to wear a full apron and have it look flattering. has a great option to personalize this apron which comes with matching gloves.  What a great gift idea!

Most sites also have half aprons and matching gloves as well.

I say ladies, it’s time to update your aprons and gloves if you haven’t in a while.  You can look great while you cook and clean, you domestic goddess you!

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