The Path to Shiny Hair

The path to shiny hair is simpler than you would think despite the reality that some of us just have to work harder than those blessed with naturally shiny hair.

Situation: Although hair is dead, the cuticle is made of protein based Keratin scales that are either open or sealed shut. When the scales of the outer layer (the cuticle) lay flat and are sealed with no jagged edges and free of mineral and hair styling deposits the surface will reflect more light and appear shinier. Smoothing the outer layer helps repeal humidity that causes frizz which is a shine inhibitor.

Solution: Starting with hair care, once a week use a detoxifying shampoo that exfoliates and removes product build up and impurities, this will flatten out any bumps that reduce shine.

Excess heat and abuse on the hair will damage and create holes in the cuticle where the layer is chipped away.While it is impossible to reverse this you can treat this with protective styling products and protein treatments that will temporarily fill the holes and restore a smoother surface to the hair.

Blow Drying

When shampooing your hair do a final rinse with cool water to help seal the cuticle.

After exiting the shower it is natural to try to remove as much excess water from your hair as possible. At this stage you’ve helped seal the cuticle so avoid rough drying your hair with a towel. Be gentle and pat dry from roots to ends.

Having a nozzle on your blow dryer will help direct the hair from roots to ends and will flatten and smooth the cuticle. Use a natural boar bristle brush and allow the hair to cool down while still on the brush which will further seal the cuticle.

Once the hair is dry use a light weight finishing product that adds shine and acts as an anti humectant.

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