Make Your Own Curtain Rods

I have a closet without a door, so I thought it might be nice to make a curtain in lieu of a door. I figured a large panel of fabric might add more interest to the small bedroom versus having a wooden or mirrored door because fabric comes in so many colors and patterns. The problem I was having: I couldn’t find a curtain rod I really liked. The fancy, expensive ones were too big and clunky, and the cheap ones didn’t have the styling I wanted. I decided to take matters into my own hands and just make one myself.


3/4″ copper pipe long enough to span the doorway plus molding (mine was just under 5′)

2 drawer pulls

2 champagne corks

Utility knife



Copper pipe isn’t cheap (mine was around $4 per foot), so this isn’t necessarily a project that helps to save money. Between the pipe, the drawer pulls and the brackets I spent about $30 (and that doesn’t include the two bottles of wine plus the fabric for the curtain), but in the end I had a custom rod that I really liked, so I felt it was worth it.

I used champagne corks versus regular wine corks because they were in tact; they didn’t have damage from a cork screw. Plus, they tend to be wider. Using a utility knife, remove the top, rounded part. One of the corks I used fit beautifully. I just jammed it into the end of the pipe and tapped it with a mallet. The cork really needs to be snug, so it’s a good thing when it’s a little difficult to get in the pipe. The other cork I used was way too wide, so I had to shave the sides to make it fit.

Wedge the cork into the pipe so it’s almost flush with the end of the pipe.

Using a really small drill bit (e.g. 1/16″) make a hole in the center of the cork. Screw in the drawer pull. Again, you want it to be snug, so you will have to apply pressure while turning.

Repeat on the other end of the pipe being carful not to damage the drawer pull on the other side.

Attach to the wall with brackets. I couldn’t find copper brackets, so I used brass brackets for a 3/4″ cafe rod. I like the way the two types of metal look together.

I made an easy rod-pocket panel out of some adorable fabric, and now the closet is complete!

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