Hallway overrun with shoes? Shoe clutter solutions.

Shoes shoes shoes. When I walk into my house I am often greeted by a pile – or sea- of shoes. Amazingly, this doesn’t seem to bother the other four humans (or two dogs) with whom I share my home. Grrrr. And not shoes lined up neatly but here a shoe, there a shoe. Upside down, separated from their mates, blocking the stairs. Sound familiar? A custom-built mud room with a locker or cubby for each family member (a girl can dream, right), would be nice, and I have whiled away many an hour on Pinterest drooling over mudrooms nicer than the finest room in my house. Someday. Sigh.

In the meantime, here are some real world solutions to cut down on shoe clutter:

Shoe rack. I ordered this inexpensive shoe rack from Amazon this fall (above) and it has helped a bit. It is basically one shelf but you can also put shoes underneath and up top so essentially three rows of shoes/boots. I seem to be the only one who uses it, but the price was right and it has helped to tidy my back hall.

Bins for each family member. I have heard of people placing a bin for each family member near the door way, and all personal items – shoes, mittens, hats, etc., are placed in them – and periodically emptied. 

Shoe basket. One big shoe basket works as well (if you have a big family, make that a huge shoe basket). This is also handy when you are having company – you can just pick up one big basket and hide it in a closet. If you are a no-shoes-in-the-house family, you can also leave a basket of slippers by the door so family members can take off outdoor shoes and “slip” into something more comfy.

Organize shoes in bedroom closets too. A key to controlling this downstairs clutter is to encourage all family members to move their shoes upstairs to their respective rooms. All of our bedroom closets have the over-the-closet-door shoe pocket organizers that work well and free up closet space too. I also use the pockets for scarves and belts.

Cut down on shoes in the rotation and in general. How many times have you come across flip flops in your in-season shoe area in the middle of winter? If you are vigilant in cleaning out shoes by season – and in those not worn or too worn out to wear – clutter automatically takes a hit. One or two pairs of shoes tops per family member per season for everyday wear is doable.

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