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The introduction of fantasy hair colors made its debut in the late 1970s when two young New York City entrepreneurs Tish and Snooky (not to be confused with our Jersey shore Snooky) created, Manic Panic catapulting ultra-vibrant hair tones to a mass level of appeal. While the underground punk rock scene’s anti-establishment virtues got the ball rolling today’s main stream acceptance has made it clear that these tones have made their mark and are here to stay!

From eccentric unique haircuts to creative color schemes and placement the kids of the 80s set the stage!At home, self-taught color sessions became the norm, ranging from all over color to multiple tones, over processing their hair with bleach for a clean canvas as well as added texture for wild and ground breaking styles.

Today’s interpretations are all over the map, from avant garde to a hint of vibrant color and faded pastels. Just remember color placement is key to the level of expression desired.For example, if your life style allows you the option to have your entire head blue or multi-toned go for it! If your life style is a bit more reserved but you’re aching to try something new a few well-placed high lights can go a long way.

Blondes: Colors that work best on blondes are soft pastels such as pink, purple, yellow or even blue. When looking to achieve a subtle change highlights away from the face or even hidden pieces work well. Another option is a few pieces on the ends for a little pop.

For an allover temporary color (on blonde hair) have your colorist apply a gloss and depending on the amount of processing time will determine how vibrant or pale the tone. Another option for a softer pink glow is to add a few drops of red into a white based conditioner for some added sparkle to your overall hair.

Brunettes: The hair that you would like colored must be pre lightened to a pale blonde for maximum results followed by toning with desired color.Warm brunettes should stick to red, yellow and orange tones for best results. Cool brunettes look best in blue, green and purple tones.

Note: Blue tones are tricky with brunettes unless pieces are lifted to the palest shade of blondewith no yellow present they will quickly fade to green. (so if you are looking for a true blue you will need to pay more attention over the other vibrant shades).

Maintenance: Overall maintenance is high when choosing to rock vibrant colors, as they tend to fade after only a few shampoos (approximately 6 washes). Speak to a colorist regarding your options and which tones work best for your lifestyle. Remember pink, yellow and purple tones tend to fade more gracefully into pretty pastels.

And if all else fails and taking the permanent plunge isn’t in the cards there’s always a temporary option for a fun night out.

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