Adorable, Durable Glass Straws

How cool are these glass straws?! Glass Dharma, a company in Fort Bragg, California, makes these straws by hand out of the same material as Pyrex, so they’re nearly unbreakable. They look beautiful and they feel good to the touch.

Why would you want to use a glass straw? Well, you may have noticed that food that touches plastic takes on a plastic flavor, so drinking from glass just tastes better. Also, there’s been a lot of news recently about the toxins in plastics, so choosing non-plastic eating utensils like plates, forks, cups, and straws seems like a good idea.

Environmentally, plastic straws are a real bummer. Although lots of straws are recyclable, most go into the trash. We throw away roughly five hundred million straws daily. FIVE HUNDRED MILLION! And that’s just in the United States. Many end up in oceans, lakes, and rivers, where they are lethal to the seabirds and sea mammals who mistake them for food.

There’s a lot to like about these glass straws. You can order them plain, or decorated with multi-colored dots. My favorite is the straw that’s bent so it tilts over your cup! The straws come with a cleaning brush, and you can order a carrying case if you want to take them on a trip. Glass Dharma has a lifetime warranty on the straws if one happens to break.

Some tips on how to use and maintain glass straws:

  • Store them in a tall glass jar where they will be seen and used.
  • Wash the straws after each use with soap and water. Use the cleaning brush that comes with the straws.
  • Sanitize straws in the dishwasher. They’re dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • If the straws start to look cloudy, soak them in white vinegar and clean with the brush.
  • If you need a glass straw on the go, wrap it in a cloth or stash it in a cute hemp carrying case.

Check out Glass Dharma’s site for ordering info.

Louisa Shafia is a cook with a passion for healthy eating. She recently penned Lucid Food: Cooking for an Eco-Conscious Life, a collection of seasonal recipes and eco-friendly advice on food. To watch her cooking videos, see her recipes, and find out about her cooking classes, go to

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