My Big Beautiful Blow Dry

The real solution to getting a big beautiful blow dry is to live with a hair dresser. Although, I must confess it’s been many years since I’ve styled my wife’s hair…actually never. Here’s a do it yourself guide to recreating a salon quality blow out.

Step 1- Prepping

After shampooing and conditioning the hair, towel dry and section the hair. Take large sections of hair (4-5 inches) starting at the bottom working upwards. Apply a small amount of product (either a volumizing/holding spray or foam, for example Redken Guts for maximum volume) in your hands using your fingers to comb the product through the hair from roots to ends.  Continue up the head until the hair has been properly saturated with product.

Step 2- Pre Dry

Grab your blow dryer and begin rough drying. Starting at the crown and work your way outward drying the roots first in an upward 90 degree angle. This will begin creating volume and help work out any cowlicks or strong growth patterns.

Step 3- Blow dry

Begin drying, with mild tension on your brush moving upward and outward. Make sure you are rolling the brush in and out going back to the roots each time to create movement and volume. Pull the hair off the brush and twist the section with your fingers keeping the shape created in tact.

When moving into the crown section make sure the hair is over directed forward (out of its section) and rolled back down onto itself. This will create maximum volume.

Step 4- Final Touches

Use a Mason Pearson or Boar Bristle “flat” brush to smooth out the surface of the hair while maintaining your beautiful blow dry. Finish with a light hair spray for hold.

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