Breakfast Birthday Party!

I am always on the lookout for new kids’ birthday party ideas. With three school-age kids, I have experienced just about every birthday there is – mini golf, lasertron, swim party, rollerskating, ice skating, spa party, bowling, indoor rock climbing, cooking party, bounce houses, horseback riding, Build a Bear, movie theater, slumber party (ugh), beach party, gymnastics, soccer party, good old fashioned home party with pin the tail on the donkey, etc. Phew. And I’m sure I’ve missed some.

My friend had a birthday party for her daughter who was turning 7 and it was an idea I hadn’t heard of before – a breakfast birthday party on a Saturday morning. It sounded so fun, easy, and low maintenance – for the host and guests. It would be great for kids of all ages. Here are the details:

Make it early. Set the party for an appropriate breakfast time – 8:30am – 10:30 am or 9:00 am – 11:00 am. Morning is a good time for younger kids as sometimes things deteriorate as the day goes on and naptime is looming, and good for older kids who may have activities later in the morning. Plus, this time is great for families as the rest of the day is free.

Come as you are. Guests are invited to wear PJs – no need to get dressed!

Bring your favorite doll/stuffed animal. To go along with the theme, the invitation asked guests to bring their favorite doll/stuffed animal to join them for the party. The kids did a craft with their cuddly friend – a painted breakfast plate and cup.

Breakfast on the menu. It’s hard to find a kid who doesn’t like breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, french toast, fruit kabobs, even doughnuts or bagels – all favorites with kids, and easy and inexpensive to prepare. You can even do a stack of pancakes with a candle in lieu of a traditional birthday cake, even though it’s hard to get away without cupcakes or a cake with most birthday girls/boys I know.

PJ party games. Pillow fights, the telephone game, a scavenger hunt, and freeze dance are all more fun in PJs. A fun activity for the birthday girl is to have all the guests “autograph”  a pillow case with a non-toxic fabric marker so she can remember her special day.

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