S’mores Ten Ways

School’s out which means it’s summer time, the official season of s’mores. We had a bonfire in our little fire pit on Sunday night to kick off the season  – the first of many this summer I’m sure. My kids, like most, go crazy for s’mores and I have blogged about s’mores in the microwave, baked s’more bars, s’more cupcakes, and s’more brownies. These all feature the traditional graham cracker, milk chocolate, marshmallow combination, which is a classic for a reason. But why limit yourself – the possibilities when it comes to s’mores are endless; I think this summer we will try and think out of the box a bit with some of these s’more combos:

Chocolate graham cracker+peanut butter+marshmallow+ chocolate = Reese’s s’more

Graham cracker+ peanut butter+ jelly+marshmallow = PB&J

Chocolate graham cracker+ marshmallow+ rice crispies+chocolate = Rice crispie treat s’more

Graham cracker+peanut butter+banana+ marshmallow = the Elvis s’more

Oatmeal cookie+marshmallow+ chocolate = Moonpie s’more

Chocolate chip cookie+marshmallow+ chocolate = Tollhouse s’more

Chocolate graham cracker+marshmallow+peanut butter cup = PB cup s’more

Chocolate graham cracker+marshmallow+white chocolate = Oreo s’more

Graham cracker+marshmallow+Nutella = Nutella s’more

Chocolate graham cracker+caramel sauce+marshmallows+chopped pecans+ chocolate=Turtle s’more

Set out s’more fixings at your next barbecue and let your guests come up with their own combinations. Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know! Happy s’mores!

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