Eye Brow Enhancement Through Color

As a colorist there’s no law you must go by when it comes to lightening or darkening your brows. However, there are a few guidelines that should be followed for the best results. Gaby Bowen from our Cutler 57th St. salon is here to share some insight on the topic.

My personal preference is giving the brows a natural shape and softening them. This is a great way to open your eyes and brighten your face and it’s perfect for summer.

If you’re a blonde and you want to go lighter try to avoid going lighter then 1 1/2 shades. Avoid color that has golden tones in it, as it will turn your brows orange. I prefer to stick to ash (cool) tones to lighten even if your hair is gold it will look more believable. For a more natural look keep brows dark (or the same) to not look washed out. A good rule of thumb, eye brow color should match the darkest color in your hair (for example the base or root color). If needed, only ¼-1/2 a level lighter to take the edge off.

Another guide to follow is if you’re a red head or a warm blonde, I advise not to put the same color on your brows that is on your head. They don’t need to be too matchy; only ½-1 level lighter and should never be as golden/warm as your hair. With someone that takes their hair darker then their natural color, your goal is to go a bit lighter than your base to compliment your natural tones.

Of course, there are those out of this world fantasy colors that are amazing and beautiful. Now, if your personality can pull this off, dying your brows a fantasy color is awesome! Turquoise, pink, pale yellow etc., but before you do this you must remember to lift them to a pale blonde. I recommend using facial bleach.

Things to keep in mind before coloring your brows:

·Shape (wax, threat, or tweeze) at least 24hrs prior to coloring, as it could cause irritation to the skin.

·If you have sensitive skin, ask for a barrier or conditioning cream to reduce irritation.

·Coloring your eyebrows can help add depth to overplucked or thinning eyebrows.

·Make sure the eyebrow color applicator is something like a mascara wand so it will penetrate thoroughly.

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