To Win this Challenge we’ve got to Save More Lives

Are you ready? In just three short months, we’ll find out if 50 animal shelters hailing from 24 states across the U.S. will smash last year’s record of 52,484 beautiful animals saved!

The 2012 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge, challenges animal shelters nationwide to find loving homes for lost and abandoned dogs and cats, and  looks to award more than $500K in prizes-including a grand prize of $100,000-to the those who save the most lives. The fascinating part of the $100K Challenge is the innovation: each shelter creates their own plan to save more lives.  If the past is any indication, we’re expecting to see lots of new and creative ideas, and an incredible effort from all of the shelters.

We’re really excited to see this year’s Challenge kicking off today!  And we’re counting on you to help the shelter in your state or region win big on behalf of homeless animals. So, check out the list of participating shelters at – and consider adding a new furry member to your family – summer is a great time to adopt a wonderful new cat or dog (or both)!

-Ed Sayres

President and CEO ASPCA

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