Hair Weather Woes

There’s nothing worse than leaving the sanctuary of climate control with a fresh hair style only to be slammed by the elements! We’ve all been at the mercy of the Mother Nature and it’s always detrimental to our styled locks. Have no fear we have the hair solutions you’ve been looking for to combat humidity, wind and rain.

Problem: Beating Humidity

Solution: Use it to your benefit! Take your tousled frizz and turn it into a runway ready do in minutes.

Begin by pulling all the hair to one side and create a loose, low sitting side braid. Work with the texture and frizz by roughing up the scalp with the palm of your hands to exaggerate your overall disheveled look. The best part is, the more frizz the better the finished style will appear. Finish, with a holding hairspray and you’re ready to hit the streets.

Problem: Wind

Solution: Dampen dry hair and add a little beach spray, Redken’s Radiant Sea Spray works great (or as simple as a mixture of table salt and water for gritty texture). Take large random sections of hair and roll upward in a round motion. Secure with pin curl clips or large hair pins and let sit (perfect for a day at the beach).

Once dry, remove the pin curl clips and roll the hair back down. Rake your fingers through your newly formed waves for a uniform finished beachy texture that looks fabulous with a little aid from the wind.

Problem: Rain

Solution: When in doubt, keep it wet and slick it back!

On wet hair, apply Redken Harware Gel and Cutler Shine Tattoo Spray. Be sure to take medium/large sections of hair and apply product moving up the head. Using a fine toothed comb, comb the product through ensuring even saturation. Next, create a heavy side part in the hair and using the comb begin smoothing the hair, guiding it back towards the direction of where you want the ponytail to sit.

Continue to slick and smooth the hair out adding Cutler Shine Tattoo Spray as needed. Pull all the hair back into a tight ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Finish, by misting hair with the shine spray and a light hairspray for hold. Now, you’re ready to face any weather that comes your way in style!

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