An Easy DIY Closet Organizer!

At some point I’m going to have to turn this closet into a place that stores clothes instead of a place that stores art and craft supplies. I’m hoping if I can get it really organized maybe it can do both. For now, it works fine for my supplies, but it could be better.

The biggest problem I have is rolls of paper. They end up getting damaged when I just have them leaning in a corner, and I find I’m always having to move them around to get to something else. I decided it was time to do something about it. I have always loved those perforated, metal radiator covers sold at hardware stores. I thought this would be the perfect material to build my organizer.

For this project you’ll need:

Metal radiator cover 24″ x 36″

Drill with small bit

3/4″ metal screws



Cotton twine or wire

In the radiator cover, drill holes in the top and bottom corners (on the shorter side). I used a scrap wood block to protect my table.

Fold the metal into a cylinder and overlap the edges about an inch. Mark the other side and drill two more holes so they line up with the first holes.

Using a level, draw a line where you want to attach the top of the metal.

Line up the pre-drilled holes and attach the metal to the back of the door using a metal screw.

Drill another screw into the bottom pre-drilled holes, so the metal forms a cylinder.

Press the bottom of the metal cylinder so it’s flat against the door.

Pre-drill four more small holes along the bottom and add more screws to secure. It helps to have a friend holding things in place while drilling the holes and attaching the screws.

To give your closet organizer even more storage capabilities, use S-hooks and string or wire to attach ribbon, scissors and other supplies.

Fill with roles of paper, or anything else that needs its own spot.

If you’re like me, you’re going to need two of these.

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