Chillin’ and Spillin’ and the ABCs on Back to School Stains

Wow hard to believe it’s almost three weeks since Luke left the nest! And, I’m happy to report that he’s doing BETTER THEN WELL and surprisingly so am I.  Tears ‘n fears have been replaced by cheers, peers, chillin’ n spillin’:  “Cheers” because when I pass by his room there aren’t piles of laundry waiting for me and “peers” as in I’ve had time to see peeps/friends that I’ve rarely had time to chill with or even just chat.

Please don’t get me wrong I do miss him but it’s sorta nice having the luxury of not rushing and sipping my coffee when it’s first brewed vs. nuked over and over. Tears and waves of missing him do happen and the smallest thing can trigger a good little cry…Like this morning driving by his grammar school and seeing a little boy on the ground crying and his mommy kissing the boo boo on his knee.  Tears just started to flow… But, as both the little boy and I finished our cry, I got to thinking how I would get those blood stains out of Luke’s clothing-Fascinating  thought, I know, but none the less something all we moms deal with at some point.  So I thought I’d share that handy dandy tip along with other common BTS stain removal tips I learned to master over the years!

We begin with a few stain-removal musts:

o   Pre-treat pronto so stain doesn’t set

o   Test on small area to insure pre-treater doesn’t harm fabric/color

o   Blot, never rub, unless otherwise mentioned

o   Always put a cloth under the stained areas so you don’t wind up with two stains

o   Never put in dryer ‘til it’s 100% out unless you would like it to be there permanently or want to turn their long-sleeved shirt into a short-sleeved one and pants into shorts

Now to the stains….But first for those who prefer to watch vs. read what follows,  here’s a clip of yours truly sharing a bunch of my BTS tips and tricks with Kathie Lee ‘n Hoda on the Today Show:

Today Show – Back to School – Stain Removal from The Accidental Housewife on Vimeo.


That’s correcto, the natural enzymes in saliva help to lift the stain.  Kicker is it has to be your own saliva in order for it to work…If it is, spit and gently massage it in then launder.

Alternatively, if it’s your little one’s:

o   Blot excess

o   Take hydrogen peroxide and apply with eye-dropper directly onto stained area

o   Watch it bubble and let sit for 10-15 minutes

o   Feel free to multi-task and continue cleaning your ‘lil one’s boo boo

o   Run under cool water and/or launder immediately


No I’m not going off half-baked-the juices in a potato contain acidic astringents that help remove the stain!

o   Remove as much of the excess as possible

o   Cut a raw potato in half and gently rub the area with the white side of the potato-a circular motion is best

o   Soak in cool water

o   Launder par usual

o   Nuke the other half for a tasty and healthy treat


My philosophy was a shot for the stain and one for me since it made the stain disappear regardless LOL! Kidding aside, vodka is an eco-friendly solvent as well as a natural cleaner and disinfectant.

o   Douse a clean cloth with vodka and blot stained area

o   Launder par usual


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Hairspray is made primarily from alcohol that is a natural cleaning aid. So next time your little one uses their pants as a notepad do the following: Please note it must be a brand like your mum used i.e. Aqua Net in that kitsch fish net aerosol can since it has a high alcohol content.

o   Be sure to put a clean cloth under stained area

o   Douse stained area with spray

o   Blot with clean paper towels

o   Repeat until majority of stain is lifted

o   Rinse with cool water and launder par usual


I remember the days when trying to get Luke to school on time, I’d be in my car hitting those speed bumps and next I knew I was wearing my coffee.  And, on those days when I forgot my handy dandy Tide to Go or Clorox Bleach Pen, I always had a bottle of hand sanitizer WITH ALCOHOL for Luke’s little friends to use upon entry.  Good news is if you put a dab on your coffee stain and gently work it in it will help lighten the stain.  The glycerine will loosen the stain and the alcohol will lift it. Launder after par usual and consider putting more milk in your coffee so the stain won’t be so dark since there are always bumps in the road LOL!

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