Fashion Week Recap!

Fashion week really explored the color wheel this season! We saw splashes of color from head to toe coupled with strong elements of design and texture; Spring 2013 was definitely one of the most vibrant seasons to date!

Christine Alcalay

Inspiration: Our hair needed reflected simply a child’s innocents coupled with the feeling of wisdom that comes when a girl has to endure life’s challenges.  She may look similar as she becomes a young woman but emotionally, spiritually and physically she has forever changed. We have coupled loose, random texture within a tight, restricted silhouette in tribute.

How to Achieve the Look: On dry hair, section out the nape, from ear to ear.  Clip away the hair at the top and sides. Apply Redken Guts 10 to the nape section and tightly braid that hair close to the head. Pull down the rest of the hair and create a heavy rough side part that sweeps across the face and behind the ear. Next, back comb the crown for volume. Spray Redken Forceful 23 at the nape then take a piece of cord like a shoe lace and place it around the neck, holding the two ends in front of the chin in one hand. Blow dry heat into the hair at the nape and remove the cord delivering a strong indentation. Spray Redken Shine Flash 02 at the nape emphasizing the indentation and then Redken Powder Fresh 15 on the rest of the hair for an airy texture.

Gregory Parkinson

Inspiration:All the dresses were made from 40 different French laces, with bursts of color and lots of layering. There was a very country garden party feeling and we wanted to compliment the dresses without over doing the hair. We used a lot of texture for a fresh youthful feel with an edge of sophistication.

How to Achieve the Look:Using a combination of Cutler Volumizing Spray and Redken Powder Refresh, blow dry into the hair with your hands directing the hair away from the scalp to create root lift.  Lightly backcomb the hair with a paddle brush and pull everything to the center of the head. Secure with French pins and release some of the hair by pulling pieces out in between the pins. Randomly spray the hair using a temporary colored spray, accentuating that runway drama.  Finish with Redken Fashion Works 12 hairspray.

Vivienne Tam

Inspiration: Vivienne’s collection was inspired by Chinese cosmology such as water, fire, and earth, and many of her pieces featured classic silhouettes and colorful styles. I wanted to complement her clothes with a modern flair, so I created a traditional Chinese bun with a little punch.

How to Achieve the Look: Start by parting the hair in the middle. Apply a drop of Redken Clear Moisture Instant Polishing Prep to hair. Blow hair straight and finish using a straightening iron if needed. Tie the hair back into a low ponytail. Twist hair up into a bun and secure with pins, letting the ends stick out and up. Spray Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray all over.Finish with a pop of color using a temporary hair color spray just at the part.

Tribune Standard

Inspiration: North African royalty and we complimented the rope detail in the collection. We kept the hair very polished, tight and close to the head. A low sitting chignon with a tribal rope braid detailed with a gold temporary spray at the top.

How to Achieve the Look:Begin by creating a center part. Next, take a 1” section on both sides of the part from the hair line to the crown and section it off.  Take the rest of the hair into a smooth low ponytail and secure at the nape. Go back to your original section and take one of the two sections created from the center part and split it into two. Twist one section over the top of the other and continue until you get to the crown, creating a rope effect. Repeat this process (picking up small pieces of hair at a time and twisting the pieces into themselves). You have now created two rope braids at the top of the head. Take these two and twist them together to form a single two-strand rope braid down the back of the head and tie it into the ponytail. Split the ponytail in half, the top half split again and create another rope braid. Do the same with the bottom half of the ponytail and twist them up, around and together to form a chignon. Finish with Cutler Shine Tattoo and Redken Fashion Works 12 hair spray.

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