Fun Halloween Party Ideas!

Creepy Eyeball Drink Toppers

This project is so cute and easy you won’t believe your eyes!


Small styrofoam balls

Bamboo skewers

Puffy Paint

Floral foam

Craft foam


Hot glue gun

Miniature brads

Pipe cleaners

Wine glasses with stems


Place a styrofoam ball on the end of a bamboo skewer. To make the eyeball look bloodshot, draw some red squiggly lines with red puffy paint.

Place the bamboo skewer in some floral foam to allow the paint to dry.

For the iris of the eyeball cut small circles of craft foam, and hot glue them onto the styrofoam.

While the hot glue is still wet, press a miniature brad into the craft foam and styrofoam ball to make the pupil, and reinforce the craft foam.

Repeat this process to make three more eyeballs. Once everything is dry, remove the eyeballs from the skewers and attach them to the ends of two pipe cleaners.

Wrap the two pipe cleaners around the stem of a wine glass, and adjust the eyeballs.

Fill the glass with your favorite beverage for a spooky libation.

To see a complete how-to video on this project, click on the link below:

Clementine Jack O’Lantern Drink Topper

Make any cocktail into a Halloween cocktail with this simple Jack O Lantern Drink Topper.



Small knife

Red food coloring

Bamboo Skewers

Cut a clementine in half. Peel one half without worrying about preserving the skin. To preserve the skin on the other half, gently ease the fruit out, using a knife if necessary, to keep the skin in tact.

Using a small knife, like a paring knife, cut out the jack o lantern face.

Mix some red food coloring and water, and paint the red solution onto the outside of the fruit of the half clementine.

Place the painted fruit into the jack o lantern skin, skewer it all together, and top you’re favorite drink.

To see a complete how-tow video, click the link below:

Halloween Frame Display:

For a cool 3D look, transform some old frames into a graphic Halloween display.


Old picture frames

Black spray paint

Halloween decorations like oversized spiders and fake cobwebs

Spray paint the frames black. Once they’re dry, mount them on the walls and/or ceiling, overlapping them and hanging them askew. Decorate with fake cobwebs, oversized spiders and any other Halloween decoration. Display behind a table filled with refreshments, candles and jack o lanterns.

To see a complete video on this project, click on the link below:

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