Rodney Cutler for ULTA Fall/Winter Hair Collection

It’s a common expectation at our salon to request a cut that has multiple options in terms of styling. This season’s Fall 2012 collection that I created for ULTA is all about transformation and styling alternatives. These looks are all very quick and easy to achieve even for a non-professional.

Style 1-  Center Part with Ribbon Curls- On damp hair apply preferred styling product and comb through with a wide toothed comb for even distribution. Using a blow dryer with a nozzle and a flat boar bristle brush, smooth the hair section by section wrapping it around the curvature of the head in all directions to create movement. Be sure that the air from the nozzle of the blow dryer is following the same direction of the brush down the hair shaft to ensure smoothing of the cuticle. Finish, with the cool air shot on your blow dryer to seal the shine into the hair. To create ribbon curls, rotate your flat iron a half turn until it’s parallel to the hair. Using, light pressure slide down the strand of hair as if you were curling a ribbon.

Style 2- – Take each ribbon curl and pull it apart separating the strands. Lightly back brush at the roots.  Create a pony tail at the occipital bone and lightly pull hair up at the crown to emphasize the height. Create a deep side part, lightly back brush the front hair and twist into the ponytail, spray a light hair spray to blend the twist into the back section. Finish, by gently backcombing the ponytail and using your fingers to pull/separate the top layer of hair at the crown ensuring a deconstructed texture.

Look 1 (left)- Apply a blow dry lotion to damp hair. Use hands to tousle dry the hair, be sure to follow the form of the hair cut with the blow dryer. Finish with a light wax or shine spray.

Look 2 (right)- Apply a texture spray evenly throughout dry hair, using the nozzle of your blow dryer direct the hair on top to create texture. Finish with a styling pomade accentuating the texture of the hair cut.

Look 1 (top/left) Smooth Curls- Evenly distribute a styling mousse throughout damp hair. Use a blow dryer with a nozzle and concentrate the airflow at the scalp and mid lengths. Smooth the hair, section by section using a flat brush. Once the scalp area is dry swith to a round brush and wrap mid-lengths to ends around the brush to create a curl. Apply a finishing product leaving the curl in its original state.

Look 2 (bottom/left)- Airy Curls- After blowdrying, aerate throughout the hair separating the curls. Use a large barrel curling iron on small sections from mid-lengths to ends for a more defined curl. Switch your blow dryer to the cool setting and a low speed, blow dry through the curls for volume and separation. Lightly back brush the curls to create an airy texture. Gently brush the front perimeter for a soft side sweep. Finish, with a light hold hair spray, Redken Fashion Works 12.

Look 3 (right) Side Sweep- Create a deep side part. Take the hair from the left side and brush it back smoothing the hair around the back of the head, behind the ear. Secure the hair at the lower nape on the opposite side with bobby pins. Rake through the curls with your fingers to give more separation.

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