Happy New Year! Write a Postcard to Your Future Self

Last year I hosted a small New Year’s party. Instead of making everyone come up with resolutions I had my guests write postcards to their future selves. Some wrote hopeful notes about the upcoming year, some wrote resolutions, some wrote to their significant others, and some were just silly. The plan was to mail them just before the next New Year’s Eve, so everyone could get a note from themselves one year later.



Bag or box


Postcard stamps

All you need to set this up for your party is a stack of postcards (preferably from your town or city), some pens, and a container to place the written cards. My container was a simple paper bag with the instructions written on it. I was going to make a fancy decorated box, but I ran out of time making snacks and setting up the bar for the party. My guests got the idea despite its humble presentation.

Once your guests have written their notes (make sure they put their own addresses on the cards), place them in the bag, and save them until the following year.

Just make sure you put them in a place where you can find them in a year, get some postcard stamps, and send them off.

Happy New Year!

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