3 Kings Day Craft Ideas!

3 Kings Day is traditionally celebrated on January 6th, although it varies from country to country. It commemorates the 3 wise men visiting the Baby Jesus. Children like to celebrate this special day by leaving treats for the camels that carried the Magi. In return, they are rewarded with presents and candy left in their shoes under their beds.


Metal paint bucket





Shoe box



Embroidery thread & tapestry needle

Kids’ shoes

Water for the Camels

Even with it’s storage hump a camel can get pretty thirsty traveling across the desert, so it’s tradition to leave a bucket of water under one’s bed for it to drink.

Draw or print camel shapes onto cardstock—I found my camel outlines on Google.

Cut out the camels using scissors for the big cuts and a craft knife for the more intricate cuts.

Make a loop by gluing a strip of cardstock on the back.

Decorate the front of the camel with glue and glitter. Let glue dry completely.

Thread a ribbon through the loop.

Tie the ribbon around the bucket in a pretty bow. Fill with water and place under the bed the night of January 5th.

Hay for Camels

The camels will need a snack for their long journey, so leave them some hay. Decorate a shoe box with paper and glitter, fill with hay, and leave it under the bed.

Paper Crowns

Honor the Three Kings with some fancy paper crowns. Fold a scrap piece of cardstock in half and draw half a triangle. Unfold. Use a quarter to draw a circle at the top of the center of the whole triangle. Refold. Cut the half triangle and half circle. Unfold. This will give you a symmetrical shape. Trace this cut-out shape on a piece of posterboard to make the points of the crown.

Once one crown is made, use that as a template to make multiple crowns. While they’re flat decorate the crowns.

Attach ribbon to the crowns by sewing a button with embroidery thread. Use the ribbon to tie the crowns snugly onto someone’s head.

Presents in Shoes

Don’t forget to leave some shoes under the bed for some special treats when you wake on January 6th!

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