7 Ways to Save Energy and Money in the Bathroom

In keeping with my last blog’s theme of ways to weather the cold indoors and save on our energy bills, and with this week’s dangerously cold temps in much of the country, I decided to share a few more energy and money saving tips from my book, THE ULTIMATE ACCIDENTAL HOUSEWIFE.  These are simple and all take place in our favorite sanctuary or at least most used and abused room in our homes:  Our bathrooms.  So read on and partake in mani-friendly ways that will help save you money and save our planet without stopping anyone in your household from showering, brushing, grooming or …well you know…

1. GET A NEW HEAD:  Clearly, there are days I wish I could, but I’m not referring to our noggins but our showerheads!  By installing a water-saving showerhead you can save moula on your water heating costs without spending much to replace it..  The down and dirty kind can cost you under 10 bucks (installation not included!) but if you’re like me you’ll probably opt for all the bells and whistles.  Hey, we deserve it at least we’re helping out the environment!

2.     CUT SHOWER TIME-Before I realized how much money my son’s never-ending showers were costing me, I was glad that I could actually get him to take one.  That was then, this is now:  By taking a five minute shower vs. twenty five (yes, he did look like a prune when he finally exited though a clean and cute one at that!) and my hubs and I doing the same as well we’re saving over $200 bucks a year-And if you’re a newlywed or living with a significant other think of the romance of showering together-not to mention how you’re helping save our planet!

3.      BAN BATHS-I suspect you don’t have the opportunity to take one very often so you’re ‘mindlessly’ doing your part!  But once the kiddies get beyond their need for rubber duckies and bubbles switch to the shower-a five minute one that is, since baths use about three times as much water.

4.     STOP THE DRIPS-If you’re a light sleeper like I am that drip in a bathroom faucet will keep you awake for hours so to preserve both our beauty sleep and our water, stop the drip!  Believe it or not one drippy drop per second can add up to over 2000 gallons of water in a year!  Wow!  To fix the drips check out my manicure-friendly fix from my book.

5.     A MATTER OF DEGREE:  Check to see if your water heater’s temp is 120 degrees-by keeping it there it saves energy and anyone from burning themselves-particularly your little ones!  On the flip side, you don’t go any lower in temp since it won’t stop bacteria from growing.

6.     WRAP IT UP!  According to the experts if your water tank is more then 15 years old you should ‘wrap it up’ in a fiberglass blankie that you can get for under $30 at your local hardware store, Lowe’s or Home Depot.  And, yes, even an accidental housewife can do this one should you be so inclined if you follow the easy to install instructions that comes with a kit.  Then, again, you might want to have your pre-teen son handle this one while you watch!

7.     BEAUTY UPLUGGED-Whenever you’re not using your curling iron, blow dryer or flatiron and once your shaver or toothbrush is charged according to your manual’s instructions unplug those suckers!  Even when you’re not using them they’re draining energy.  And, according to actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr., every time you use your curling iron it’s like leaving on a light bulb for a week-what can I say, it’s not easy being green-or was that Kermit!

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