Valentine’s Day Party Favors!!!

This is a fun kids’ Valentine’s Day craft that’s easy to make, and inexpensive too. It’s made with simple materials, but the outcome is so impressive. Plus, they’re filled with candy, and what kid doesn’t like that?


Toilet paper tubes

Fancy paper: wrapping paper, construction paper, scrapbooking paper, etc.

Double-sided tape or glue

White electrical tape (optional)

White paper


Tissue Paper

Pre-wrapped candy

Clear cellophane

Pipe cleaners

Start with empty toilet paper tubes and fancy paper.

Tape or glue the fancy paper to the tube. I like to use double-sided tape—especially for thin papers like wrapping paper—because the paper won’t wrinkle. Kids will like it because it will adhere immediately without waiting for the glue to dry.

For thicker papers, like this glitter paper, a little bit of electrical tape keeps the paper in place, and still has a neat finish.

Make uniform hearts for labels or tags by making a template, and then trace that template onto white paper.

Write a message on the heart (or your Valentine’s name). Stuff one end of the tube with tissue paper. Fill the tube with pre-wrapped candy, and close open end of tube with more tissue paper.

Wrap the adorable little package with clear cellophane and tie the ends by wrapping with pipe cleaners.

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