Romantic Decoupage Candles

Add some romantic mood lighting to your Valentine’s Day with these easy decoupage candle holders. They make a great gift for your sweetheart, and they’re simple to make, so make a few to light up the night. These can also double as vases if your Valentine prefers flowers to candles.


Glass candle holder

Red, white, and/or pink tissue paper

Decoupage glue (or acrylic gel medium)

Paint brush

Tea candle

Cut the base tissue paper, so it will wrap around the glass candle holder, Tack in place with a little glue on the back edge. Then paint the glue on top.

To make uniform, decorative hearts, make a template with paper, fold a strip of tissue paper accordion style, trace the template, and cut the paper.

Once the base paper has dried, tack the heart on with a little glue, and paint over with glue. Use your imagination to create any design you like. Your special someone will love that you took the time to make something unique for Valentine’s Day.

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