A Post Valentine’s Day Craft: Plush Toy Secret Box!

It’s sweet that your main squeeze bought you that plush toy for Valentine’s Day, but, as an adult, what do you do with it once the holiday is over? It’s possible it will become one of those things that gets kicked around for a while until it eventually ends up at the local thrift store, or as your dog’s toy.

However, with a few easy steps you could turn that cute little toy into a secret hiding place that no one will ever suspect. You just have to be able to stomach chopping its head off temporarily.


Medium sized plush toy

Small container


Hot glue gun

Start by selecting a container that will fit inside the toy’s belly. In order to really conceal the container, make sure there’s enough room for the container and some stuffing to fill in around it. This spice jar is the perfect fit for this cute monkey.

Remove the head with a pair of sharp scissors. Take out enough stuffing from the belly to fit the container, and enough stuffing from the head to accommodate the lid.

Place the container in the body just enough so the top of the jar that attaches to the lid is above the cut line. Fill in with stuffing around the container. Place the lid all the way inside the head, so the bottom is just at the cut line. Fill in with stuffing.

To secure, hot glue around the opening in the body and the head. This will prevent the fabric from fraying, and keep the container in place when opening and closing it.

Fill with money, jewelry, or any other item you wish to conceal, and place the head onto the jar top.

No one will ever know what’s hidden behind that innocent smiling face—not even your sweetheart.

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