Reuse your Valentines Day Cards!

Valentine’s Day cards are a thoughtful gesture from a loved one, or friend. However, once the holiday is over they really aren’t very useful. They can be stored away to look at many years later, or, sadly, they can end up in the recycle bin. There is a third option though: they can be made into something that can be cherished for years to come. Here are two ways to do just that.

Valentine Card Mat


Valentine card

Utility or craft knife, or scissors

Artists’ tape

Bone folder (optional)


Remove the back of the card. Cut a section on the front of the card to accommodate a photo.

Using a photo that will fit in the cut-out space, place a piece of tape at the top of the photo, sticky side up.

Position the card over the photo, so it goes right where you want it. Press down on the card where the tape is to secure.

Flip the card and photo over to secure the tape even more. If you have one, use a bone folder. Otherwise, just press down on the tape with your finger.

If the frame has a mat, follow the same procedure.

Place the photo, card, frame and mat into the frame and display.

Valentine Card Coasters

This is a great project to do with all those kids’ valentines children exchange at school. They’re usually small and have cute characters that aren’t necessarily Valentine specific once taken out of context. Plus, if the whole class exchanges them, chances are, your child ends up with a ton to choose from.


Kids’ Valentines

Foam core or mat board

Fancy paper

Glossy decoupage glue or acrylic gel medium

Cut squares or circles of foam core or mat board to make the base of the coaster. Make sure it’s a size that will accommodate the graphic. I used 4″ x 4″ foam core. Cut the fancy paper into the same size. Then, cut the characters out of the Valentines removing any of the Valentine verbiage.

Glue the paper to the base, and glue the card character to the paper. Then paint over with more glue. It’s best to do at least two top coats so a wet glass won’t soak through. Let the glue dry completely before using.

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