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When Rachael asked me to go visit 7 frat guys in their frat house to help them sort out their laundry I was imagining scenes from Animal House! So I reached for my haz-mat suit and GPS to navigate my way upon entry through the piles of dirty laundry that were everywhere!  But, within a few hours all was well:  I surprised them courtesy of Rachael and GE with a state of the art washer and dryer and shared some of my handy dandy tres simple laundry tips that even my college freshman has mastered….Here they are to help us all lighten the load regardless if you’re living in a frat house or your home sweet home!


o   STOCK UP: Have enough undies/socks for 2 weeks

o   Don’t lose them in laundry machine’s black hole- use these sock keys

o   PUT ON SCHED: Make it part of a routine between ‘activities’.-Video games. Laundry. Study. Dry. Eat. Study. Party.

o   TREAT STAINS PRONTO (which these guys won’t but the GE washer has a ‘Stain Removal Guide which made some common stains mindless to deal with)

o   SEPARATE:  Darks and lights and forget whites since that was too much for these frat guys to think about. However, if you’re an accidental housewife like me, definitely do a separate white only wash with bleach to avoid them looking dingy.

o   BTW: Towels actually act as a scrubber so no need to do them separately

o   CHECK FOR LEFTOVERS-Your bud may have left his chapstick or his girlfriend’s lipstick in his pocket which could turn your nice white tee a lovely shade of red so be sure to check pockets!

o   LOAD ‘EM: Do larger loads vs. small but check capacity-mindless way to save energy!

o   FILL ‘ER UP CORRECTLY: Be sure to use the right amount and believe it or not a shot glass is about the right amount. Love the GE Washer since it had a  button with  GE SMARTDISPENSE which lets you fill er up with two months worth of detergent and just releases as necessary per load…LOVE THAT!

o   HOT VS. COLD WATER? Believe it or not cold water can clean most of your laundry just as well as hot.  And, it will save you money since it helps your clothes last longer and using cold or cool water will keep your energy bills lower.  BUT…. it won’t kill the bacteria, mold, dust mites etc so go hot for the following since these items harbor those unhealthy microbes:

§         BEDDING SHOULD BE WASHED IN HOT WATER TO get rid/kill dust mites and their doo which causes allergies (put a zip-lock mattress encasement on beds to insure those mites don’t get through)


§         TOWELS


o   Reduces chance for mold ‘n mildew to multiply as wet laundry waits for you

o   Minimizes wrinkling (idiot proof with GE CleanSpeak)


o   Check lint trap is clean so dryer works at optimum

o   Use dryer sheets or tennis balls to fluff ‘n prevent static cling

o   Take out pronto so there are no wrinkles

o   Keep hangers near so you don’t have to fold and can just hang shirts, jeans, etc

o   Dry consecutively – if more then one load…reduces drying time and saves energy



o   Easy to carry/Mesh/ventilated on a metal stand if possible with draw string and a ‘basketball hoop’ over it J so makes it a game/incentive to limit clothes laying on floor/obstructing passagewaysJ.

§         Seriously, mesh allows dirty laundry to breath/dry out so bacteria, mold ‘n mildew don’t multiply and find a home from sweaty socks, work out stuff,

§        Attach a sprinkle can of baking soda  for odor and moisture absorption

o   TIP FROM MY SON:  use a garbage bag with odor eater like Febreze


o   Pick a Multi-tasker: Nowadays sorta like going to Baskin Robbins with so many flavors,  Look for:

§       Basic detergent/soap-liquid

§       Stain lifters and brighteners

§       Bleach alternative (so don’t turn your dark plaid boxers a lovely shade of pink accidentally)

o   Odor eliminator _(baking soda ingredient)/scented

§       Can add scent boosters like Downey Unstopables’ Downey Unstopables which keep laundry smelling good for 2-4 weeks but for college guys probably an extra step that they’ll never do J

§       Sensitive skin -some peeps get skin irritations

§       Softener

o   Right formulation: HD if HD machine more concentrated


o   TREAT STAINS PRONTO -don’t put them into a dryer until completely out or they will become permanent embellishments! Check out the video for more tips too!

o   READ ‘N HEED: Check Care labels-they may be impossible to read but oh so important.  Most important is if it says “Dry Clean Only’ which is my fave since it means I don’t have to wash it! Second, if you see an X that’s a red flag that speaks to things such as No Bleach, No Hot Water and so forth!  but god knows not gonna look

o   THIS LIL PIGGY:  Keep piggy bank nearby for all the ‘laundered money’ that can put towards some me time activity like a manicure, massage or nite out with the gals (or in their case next Frat party!)

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