Five Ways to Beat Winter Dryness

Winter’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean that the last few weeks won’t cause damage to your skin, hair, and nails. The best way to beat winter dryness (and ensure you’re looking your best for Spring) is to start taking action now. As with anything, looking good takes regular maintenance. Here are five ways to ensure your skin, hair, and nails are in top condition.

1.Make Cuticle Oil Your Best Friend

Are your nails brittle and weak, maybe even prone to breaking or flaking off? Chances are that they’re dry. Our hands are exposed to all the elements, and the best way to maintain healthy nails is to apply cuticle oil every night before you go to sleep. Rub one to two drops into your cuticles, and all over your nails.


Dry skin not only makes us feel horrible, it can cause itching and clogged pores. We often forget to exfoliate in winter (it does seem more like a summer ritual), but getting rid of the dead skin cells on your body before moisturizing is important.

3.Use a Hair Mask

Winter winds, indoor heating, and lack of hydration all cause your hair to become brittle and weak. Adding a hair mask to your weekly regimen is a great way to hydrate your locks.

4.Switch to a Thicker Moisturizer

It’s important to moisturize, but have you ever considered the type of moisturizer you’re using? A light lotion is fine during summer, but winter calls for a thicker formula.

5.You Are What You Eat

Although some people don’t realize it, you truly are what you eat. Imagine that your skin is your stomach turned inside out. If you put unhealthy foods into your body, their effect is going to appear on your skin. During winter your body needs extra care, so add more omega-3 (healthy fat) rich foods to your diet, such as avocado, fish (salmon is great), leafy green vegetables, and lots of water.

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